• Different Types of Plastic Bags

    Different Types of Plastic Bags

    Given the number of choices available, choosing the right plastic bag can be a somewhat tricky task. That’s mainly because plastic bags are made from different materials and each of these materials offers users specific characteristics. They also come in various mixed shapes and colors. There are...
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  • Technical Innovations of 2022 October 24, 22

    Technical Innovations of 2022 October 24, 22

    The flexible packaging industry is undoubtedly driving major advancements and innovations to meet the changing demands of consumers and global markets. As industry leaders work towards a circular economy, the focus is on designing packaging that is easy to recycle and reuse, reducing waste and mi...
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  • What is Flexible Packaging?

    What is Flexible Packaging?

    Flexible packaging is a means of packaging products using non-rigid materials, which allow for more economical and customizable options. It is a relatively new method in the packaging market and has grown popular due to its high efficiency and cost-effective nature. Flexible packaging is any pack...
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